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Clip Clop


Fabian Svensson


3 stylophones, toy piano, bass melodica, percussion

Year of composition:




Commissioned by:

Non-Piano/Toy Piano Weekend

Program note:

After using two stylophones in Symphonies of Toy Instruments, I knew I wanted to return to the instrument, and put it more in the spotlight. Despite being fairly primitive and basic, it has a unique character and charm.

One of the limitations of the instrument is that it can only play one note at a time. I thought it would be interesting to write three-part stylophone chords, which meant I needed three separate instruments. In Clip Clop, they mostly play melodies harmonized in parallel motion, a little bit like the sax section of a big band.

I often like to make music that is somewhat at odds with the characters of the instruments I write for. Since stylophones can be perceived as industrial and futuristic, I chose to place them in a rather earthy and bucolic musical environment, evocative perhaps of pre-modern times. At the end, the piece shifts its focus from the equine to the porcine.

First performance:

16th Nov 2019
Resonanzraum (Hamburg, Germany)
Jennifer Hymer, Bernhard Fograscher, Daria‑Karmina Iossifova, Ninon Gloger,  Steven Tanoto, Cornelia Monske

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