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Expansion – Inversion – Kontraktion – Eskalation


Fabian Svensson



Year of composition:





Shortlisted for the Gaudeamus prize in 2002

Program note:

Two important decisions that I made when planning this piece for solo piano were not to deal with virtuosity and not to treat the instrument percussively. Instead, I wanted to create a work focusing on the richness and beauty of the actual sound of the piano; the expressive qualities inherent even in single, isolated tones. The result is a very slow and very quiet piece, austere and fragile. It could – perhaps – be called “meditative”.

View an excerpt from the score:

Listen to an excerpt from the piece:

Performed by Emma Österdahl


27th May 2002
Millesgården (Stockholm, Sweden)
Emma Österdahl
28th May 2002
Royal College of Music (Stockholm, Sweden)
Emma Österdahl
2nd Jun 2002
Forum (Stockholm, Sweden)
Emma Österdahl
4th Sep 2002
Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Nora Mulder
24th Oct 2014
Ryogoku Monten Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
Kaori Ohsuga

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