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Singing and Dancing

Calder Quartet


Fabian Svensson


String quartet

Year of composition:




Commissioned by:

Carlsbad Music Festival and ArtPower! at UCSD

Program note:

Singing and Dancing is a 20 minute long piece split into two large parts, the first part concerned with singing, or song-like music, and the second part concerned with dancing, or dance-like music.
The first part is slow and austere, consisting of not much more than a very simple sequence of chords, out of which a little melody emerges after a while. The second part is lively and energetic. It is basically made up of a bouncy one-bar phrase, which is repeated over and over again, each time in a slightly different way. As the music unfolds, this repeated phrase is successively lengthened.
At the very end of the piece, elements from the first and second parts are briefly combined.

View an excerpt from the score:

Listen to an excerpt from the piece:

Performed by Calder Quartet


26th Sep 2008
Schulman Auditorium (Carlsbad, California, USA)
Calder Quartet
23rd Apr 2009
The Loft at UC San Diego (California, USA)
Calder Quartet
23rd Sep 2009
Zipper Hall (Los Angeles, USA)
Calder Quartet
20th Apr 2010
Le Poisson Rouge (New York, USA)
Calder Quartet
24th Aug 2011
Royal Danish Academy of Music (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Kairos Quartet

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